Rees Mobile Services is an authorized reseller of tinbin. We are proud to partner with tinbin to make their TC2 dry vac excavator attachment available to businesses across Northern Ontario.

Reach out to us at 705-897-2562 or and one of our product specialists will work closely with you to find what you need at very competitive prices.

tinbin TC2

The tinbin TC2 is a hydraulically driven, pneumatically functioning suction device that attaches to your excavator The TC2 has the ability to suck mineral building materials, ground and gravel etc. via a concentrated vacuum and is perfect for a variety of jobs in rail construction, landscaping, municipal work and excavation.

The radial ventilator generates a strong air flow, with which the material is carried into the container chamber from here the material can be dumped on site or into a bin. The TC2 model brings new innovations like dust suppression and a cylindrical container to improve dumping! One amazing benefit of the TC2 is that it's an uncomplicated and economical alternative to manual labor.